To date, we have conducted two clinical trials on tummydrops

test tube

The first is a prospective trial.  This means that people were recruited to take tummydrops and report how they affected their digestive symptoms.

This trial showed that tummydrops were able to assist with common digestive complaints, and very quickly (ie. they worked!)

The second is a retrospective trial.  In this trial, people who had taken tummydrops were asked to rate them for their effectiveness.  This type of trial allowed us to recruit many more subjects and look at how tummydrops affected a broad spectrum of tummy symptoms.  It also helped us to monitor for any side-effects.

This trial showed that tummydrops assisted a wide variety of tummy symptoms, including pregnancy related nausea (morning sickness), motion sickness, nausea, nervous stomach and bowels, digestive upsets related to gluten, and dyspepsia.  It also showed that they were very safe and side effects.

Stay tuned for more trials soon!  If there are any specific conditions you would like tested, please let us know!  

Also, please let us know if you would like the clinical manuscript emailed to you for further review.


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