What makes tummydrops unique?


  • They are a completely natural, food based approach, unlike many products designed to help calm an upset stomach and soothe nausea

  • They were developed and tested by a physician who specializes in nausea to ensure that they would act fast & be effective

  • they contain extracts from ginger and peppermint, and are not the equivalent of the spices you would find in a spice rack. we identified the “good stuff” and use it, instead of other parts of the spice that don’t help.

    do tummydrops contain sugar alcohols?

  • Absolutely not!

    What are your natural flavors?

  • We use only organic compatible natural flavors to help balance the great taste of ginger and peppermint oil. the us government establishes the legal definition for food labels, and defines natural flavors in the 21 CFR 101.22.

There are other ginger products available, but NOT ALL GINGERS ARE EQUAl

What makes the ginger in tummydrops so unique?

Ginger tummydrops contain all of the goodness from a whole root of ginger condensed down into a single drop.  We developed a unique and patented process that gently extracts all of the desirable compounds from organic ginger root in a natural and chemical free way.  The result is a totally unique product.  If you want these special benefits of ginger, there really is no substitute-only tummydrops can deliver.  almost all other gingers are equivalent to ginger you would find in a spice cabinet.  Ours is completely unique.  just one taste and you'll agree!

Why don’t ginger pills and capsules help out my nausea right away?

Ginger capsules take many hours to digest and get into your system to start working. Ginger tummydrops start to work instantly (try chewing them for an extra fast effect), whether it’s after a meal, in a car, on a boat, or when you wake up in the morning feeling sick.  

What about ginger candy or crystalized ginger, do they work?

Crystalized ginger and ginger candies are designed to be candy and do not have enough of the special soothing compounds in ginger to be effective. think of them like ginger from a spice cabinet.  they may add to the taste, but they lack enough of the "good stuff" to help you feel better.  Ginger tummydrops contain ginger that has been enriched in the special compounds that can help soothe nausea and digestive upsets.  All it takes is one taste and you’ll know that they are unique & special!

Is ginger safe during pregnancy?

Ginger is frequently recommended by OB doctors to assist with the nausea of pregnancy, often known as morning sickness. Ginger tummydrops are made from a special blend of the purest, GMO-free gingers to ensure you are getting the best quality product available. As with all supplements, be sure to discuss with your physician before starting ginger.

I can’t have gluten, are tummydrops gluten-free?

Unlike some ginger products, all ginger tummydrops are gluten-free.

I can only take kosher products, are tummydrops kosher?

Ginger tummydrops are kosher certified.

why don't you add vitamin b6 to your tummydrops?

for starters, the clinical data for vitamin b6 is not robust.  even more, vitamin b6 can be toxic if you take too much, especially to nerves and rest of the nervous system.  in fact, many people who take vitamin b6 on a regular basis are likely taking levels that many health organizations feel may pose a danger to their health over the long term.

peppermint tummydrops

What makes peppermint tummydrops unique?

Peppermint oil can help relax the intense contractions that cause abdominal pain and bloating.  This same relaxing effect can also help on the muscles of the uterus that cause painful menstrual cramps.  Peppermint oil can also help relieve pain caused by certains foods that irritate your digestive tract.


What about peppermint candies and tea, can they help?

Peppermint tea and peppermint candies are too weak and not designed to soothe the intestines.  You may have some benefit, but not nearly the effect as a specially formulated product like peppermint tummydrops.

What about peppermint pills, do they work?

Gel-coated peppermint oil capsules can help, but have a big limitation:  they need to be digested before they work, a process that can take hours.  So, if you have a sudden onset of a digestive issue, they won’t kick in right away. Peppermint tummydrops are designed so that the peppermint oil enters your body immediatelyso they can help out as soon as you need them.

There are many different types of peppermints and mints in general, do they all work?

Each peppermint plant produces a unique oil.  Some taste better than others.  Some work better than others to soothe digestion.  The patent-pending formulation of peppermint oils in peppermint tummydrops was carefully designed by doctors so that they work great and act fast.

Are peppermint tummydrops gluten-free and kosher?

Peppermint tummydrops contain no gluten and are made in a gluten-free facility, and are kosher certified.

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