Get Rid of Your Sick Feeling: Anti-Nausea Medication


Many of us have experienced the dreadful feeling of nausea.  Whether by itself or followed by vomiting, there are few feelings worse than queasiness.   The worst is when nausea lingers and you can’t seem to find relief.

Nausea can be caused by many conditions, which can make it hard to treat.  Some causes are related to the digestive system, such as gallbladder problems, while other causes have nothing to do with the GI tract, such as migraine headaches.  Some of the most common causes are gastrointestinal infections, food poisoning, motion sickness, morning sickness (if you’re in the early stages of pregnancy), and treatments associated with diseases such as cancer. 

There are several over-the-counter solutions to help subside your nausea.  The problem is that many of these are not very effective, and can have side effects like sleepiness.  Fortunately, Mother Nature has her own natural anti nausea medications.  These home remedies are often effective without the side effects of anti nausea medications.  Here are some of the causes of nausea and home remedies that may help.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is very common in expectant moms during the first trimester of pregnancy. Research shows 50%-80% of women will experience morning sickness. This can be a very uncomfortable time. 

The first thing to consider is your diet. It’s important to eat smaller meals more frequently. You want to also keep foods around that naturally combat nausea such as bread, crackers, bland cereal, and ginger ale

Acupuncture is also a natural remedy thatmany women with severe morning sickness find helpful. Research supports acupuncture twice per week during the time when morning sickness is most active

Ginger is also a natural remedy. It’s been used for centuries in cooking and for other medical purposes. This can be served hot in tea to be sipped throughout the day.  For those of you who need something a little stronger and more convenient, ginger tummydrops are a good option.

Peppermint oil is also a nice, soothing natural remedy. By placing a water warming dish next to your bed at night coupled with several drops of peppermint oil, the smell will naturally offer relief for the nausea feeling.  Also consider peppermint tea and medical peppermints such as peppermint tummydrops.

Motion or car sickness

Once again, ginger and acupuncture are commonly used to naturally address motion or car sickness. It’s also recommended to keep your head steady during travel. Find a nice resting place or utilize your headrest. Reading during motion can also contribute to the sensation of nausea. Avoid reading, and focus on a single, distant object instead.

Food poisoning

We have all experienced food poisoning. The good news is that time is the best healer for most cases.  While you are experiencing bad nausea, make sure you stay hydrated with electrolyte beverages like Gatorade®.   Make sure you notify you doctor as well if you feel as though you are getting more sick and dehydrated.  The same bland foods helpful for other causes of nausea, as well as peppermint and ginger, can help you get through this uncomfortable time.

Some advocate apple cider vinegar as a natural remedy for food poisoning.   For those who choose this method, they usually take one teaspoon diluted in one glass of water.

Other natural herbs that can also help quell nausea are lemon balm, basil, cumin, ginger.  Honey and garlic are also used as natural remedies to soothe the aches, pains, and nausea associated with food poisoning.