Food for Thought Week 10: The Pepper!


This week was a bear in St. Louis, it's hard to tell which was hotter, the peppers or the heat!  Anyhow, it gives us a good segue into the health merits of peppers.

Most of the green, yellow, red, and orange pigments in vegetables are a great source of Vitamin A, and peppers are no exception.  Looking for a great recipe using peppers, check out our avocado salsa!

What makes them stand out from other plants though is the "It hurts so good" capsaicin.  Not only do many enjoy the sheer excitement of capsaicin, but many benefit from the pain relief properties when applied to the skin for such conditions as arthritis, post herpetic neuralgia, and so on.

We leave you with a picture of the kiddos enjoying their time at the St. Louis Zoo.  If you're ever in the city and have children, make a point to check it out, you won't regret it!