Food for Thought Week 11: Swiss Chard


This week we continue our adventure with that great and much under-utilized green leafy vegetable, swiss chard. 

Surprisingly easy to grow (and quite bountiful throughout the whole season we might add), swiss chard is a quite versatile addition to your culinary arsenal, and is a great accompaniment to so many dishes.

It is also nutrient packed!!!

As is the case with many vibrant green, yellow, and red vegetables, swiss chard is loaded with vitamin A.  It turns out that all carotenoids (rich natural sources of vitamin A) are pigments-so the color and the nutrients are essentially one and the same.  These pigments are often a great source of natural antioxidants and swiss chard is no exception.  The vegetable is also a great source of vitamin K (see our fat soluble vitamin discussions from facebook), protein, and fiber.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great week.  Your friends at EHN

We leave you with a picture to conjure thoughts of an autumn cooler time!