Food for Thought (Week 2): The Artichoke!

Hi everyone,

Back for round two.  We'll be sure to post updates as the seedings grow.

For now, we're moving onto this week's effort, the


The exciting thing about artichokes is that new varieties can actually produce a crop in one-year allowing

home gardeners everywhere to enjoy this endeavor (not just the lucky ones who live in California).

For reasons that we're not completely sure of, our son, Joshie, really really wanted to grow an artichoke.

We're happy to report that the bunnies don't seem to like it, and it is growing well.

From a digestive and health perspective, artichokes are a notorious source of FOS.

Although FOS may mean many things to different people, to Gastroenterologists, it stands for...


Most people have heard the term inulin, which is an example of an FOS.

These are types of sugars that your body doesn't digest well.  But, certain bacteria in your body love to eat them.

The good news is that the bacteria that eat them tend to be "good" bacteria.  The idea is that if you feed the good bacteria the food that they like, their numbers will grow and push out the "bad" ones.  We call this type of food a prebiotic.

The Bad News...

When bacteria eat nutrients, they often make a lot of gas as a by-product, so susceptible people may get very gassy from eating prebiotics.

When I recommend prebiotics, probiotics, and synbiotics (a combo of both the pre and the pro in the same food or supplement), I am always sure to mention this untoward side-effect.

It seems to happen more to people who take prebiotics and synbiotics than those who take probiotics (although taking too probiotics will lead to the same problems as well).

This all proves that there is truly a Goldilocks zone for pre and probiotics, not too much and not too little, but the just right amount and combination.

We'll end this post with a pic of the little guy who wanted to grow the artichoke, Joshie, sporting his new, cool Birthday 3D glasses.

Anyhow, we hope you enjoy and feel free to add any comments, tips, related recipes, etc. to this post

We hope you have a great week,

Helen, Dustin, and Michael