Food for Thought (Week 3): The Blueberry!



This week, we make our way out to the blueberry bushes. 

Being careful to avoid the seemingly millions of cicadas in our way (and trying to not get deafened by them-I hear that, technically, they are loud enough at close range to induce permanent hearing damage), we arrive at our crop. 

We've had a rough go with blueberries.  We planted about 4 bushes last year, and only one seemed to have survived.  We added 3 new ones to the mix this year, and 2 of 3 seemed to made it so far (those darn rabbits love the tender leaves of the young crop).  Anyhow, with blueberries, it is important to plant different varieties that tend to blossom at different yet overlapping times to ensure a healthy, pollinated, and prolonged harvest. 

 This week, our blueberries went from  pale blue gray to deep blue, and we figured it'd be a good time to talk about one of our favorite antioxidant rich fruits!


The blueberry is a terrific source of antioxidants, much in part from it's fantastic color-the low-bush, or "wild" variety in particular.

Medical studies have supported its use in many applications, including a dietary way to help reduce inflammation, keep the brain healthy, reduce the risk of cancer, lower cholesterol, and help control blood sugar.

In Gastroenterology, some studies have suggested that patients who have ulcerative colitis may remain in remission longer if they eat blueberries and yogurt on a daily basis.

As always, be sure to discuss this with your physician further.

I myself love blueberries, especially blueberry pie, and can't get enough of them.  Be sure to buy organic if you can though, blueberries tend to retain more pesticides than other fruits.

We wish you all a great week and hope you enjoy this feature.

-Your friends at EHN