Food for Thought: Week of May 23rd, 2011

Hi everyone, We hope you're doing well.  We wanted to start a new feature to our site that we hope will be both informative and inspirational.

We truly believe that there is no one set path to good health, and often one needs to find the answer in multiple places.

For our own family, we cherish the spring as we can finally go outdoors again, and garden!!!  Our kids have truly grown to love this endeavor.

This year, our children decided they wanted to grow exotic plants from seeds, things we never would be possible here in St. Louis such as artichokes, kohlrabi, blueberries, Swiss Chard...the list goes on.  But, we threw caution to the wind and said, let's go for it.

Well, we're happy to say that after the squirrels and chipmunks had their way digging, and the bunnies in the neighborhood all have happy tummys, we still have plants growing.

This week, we want to feature...radishes.  Well, as you can see from the pictures, they are probably a bit overcrowded, but they are growing well, much to the delight of the kids can't wait to go to the garden after they get home from school.  We'll be sure to post more pictures as they develop.

Back to our mission at EHN, we believe that our conscious lifestyle decisions, from activities to diet truly shape our health.  How do radishes fit in?

Well, they're a good source of potassium (which is good to lower blood pressure) and vitamin C.  Although Western medicine does not embrace this notion, some cultures believe that radish juice can stimulate bile flow and help "clean out" the plumbing of the liver and gallbladder.  They're also a great choice for those on a diet, as they are mostly water, and, as a result, are a low-calorie food.  And for those lucky enough to live in St. Louis, a local, extremely talented chef showed us just how good they can be in a dish.  We recently took a cooking class at the Kitchen Conservatory with Gerard Craft of Niche (one of the best restaurants anywhere!) and he conjured up an amazingly fresh and delightful take on radishes with his roasted radish bruschetta.  Be sure to check out his talents at Niche![gallery]

We hope you enjoy our new feature, and we'll keep you updated as the garden grows...

Have a great day and thanks for reading and for your support

Helen and Dustin (parents of Emmy, Joshie, and Andrew and co-founders of Enteral Health and Nutrition with Michael Presti)