Recipe of the Week: Korean Spinach (revisited)

with Sesame Oil (click the picture for the recipe)

We've featured spinach before, but this time we want to focus on the other things that go into this dish, namely sesame oil.

Besides the flavor that it lends, sesame oil has other health benefits.  One of the big benefits it that it is a great source of special antioxidants, including Vitamin E.

This has several neat consequences: 

1.  This oil is much less likely to go rancid with storage, as the antioxidants tend to preserve it longer.

2.  Medical studies have shown that it can actually lower blood pressure.

3.  A brand new study has shown that it may actually help with blood sugar control in diabetics.

So, be sure to whip up this delightful dish, and reap the health benefits at the same time.

Have a great week,

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