tummy drops!


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 My kids always have tummy problems.  My friend told me to check out tummy drops, she said they were a “miracle” for her kids.  She was right!  I keep both the ginger and peppermint tummy drops with me ALWAYS.  They taste great as well.  I even got each of my kids their own packs for school!  -Very happy Diane

Love the tummy drops! Gave one to a friend for car sickness and it worked great! -Bev

The tummy drops relieve gi problems fast.  I take them with me everywhere, I love them.  – Jessica

The tummy drops really helped with my occasional stomach problems. They are perfect for people like me who don’t do well with pills.  – Melissa

I was at our local grocery and picked these up before our family’s annual roadtrip.  I’m so glad I did as they really helped my kids avoid car-sickness. Thanks EHN! - Cindy