Exercise that Brain!

Exercise for your Brain!  

A new study shows that daily exercise not only keeps your heart and bones healthy, it's great for your brain-even better than cognitive (a fancy name for thinking) exercises.  Over the past year, many medical studies have shown the best way to keep your smarts (and even become smarter :) ) is to...

1.  sleep well

2.  eat well (we're talking a balanced diet of  fruits, vegetables, and proteins such as the fatty fish tuna and salmon and not supplements and sodas) and

3.  daily exercise

The Key to Longevity

green and red healthy food

Here's to a long and healthy life!  A new medical study showed that people who followed four golden rules led a long and happy life, with dramatically decreased odds of getting a chronic disease, mental health problems, or other disabilities.

Drumroll please...

1.  Don't smoke

2.  Eat fruit and vegetables daily.

3.  Exercise daily.

4.  Drink alcohol in moderation (yep, you read that right)