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Beat Allergies with Sushi!

A recent Swedish study showed that children who ate fish more than twice per month before the age of 12 had less allergies.  

  • +The researchers speculate that the healthy fats in fish, including omega-3-fatty acids may lead to this benefit.  
  • +They also cautioned parents to consider that some fish like swordfish contain high levels of mercury and to avoid over-eating these.
  • +Sushi anyone!

Three Fresh Sushi Rolls

Top Reasons to Eat Soybeans

A recent medical study has shown that the protein/healthy fat blend of soybeans may possibly be the healthiest combination to help the body stave off the effects of aging.  With this report, we thought this would be a good time to review other medical reasons why soybeans are good for you.

  • 1.  Studies have shown that people who eat a lot of soybeans have a reduced risk of getting cancer.
  • 2.  Soy can help keep bones young and healthy.
  • 3.  Eating soy regularly can help you lose weight.
  • 4.  Soy may help women going through menopause have less symptoms (although the medical trials go back and forth on this one a lot)
  • 5.  Eating soy regularly can help lower your cholesterol.