Just Beet It!


A fascinating new study out of the UK showed that eating beets as part of your diet can lower your blood pressure.

The study's authors speculate bacteria in your mouth activate natural nitrogen compounds from beets.  The end result, a drop in about 10 points of the systolic blood pressure.

While not what we usually think of in terms of probiotics, this is a great example of how good bacteria can assist your health.

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Probiotics to Decrease Stress!?!

We all love probiotics for their ability to assist our digestive and immune health, but add decreased stress to the list...

A new study shows that people who regularly consumed Lactobacillus helveticus and Bifidobacterium longhum (yep, those are the same probiotics found in gi health probiotic chocolate)

had less stress and anxiety.

The gut-brain is sometimes mysterious but always very real.

Consider gi health probiotic chocolate for a great source of these probiotics in a delicious chocolate treat.

Dustin G James MD