For starters, kudos to all of those who get "the other ones"

Next, let's talk about our other flavors.

There are many natural herbs and spices that Mother Nature has blessed us with to help assist with digestive issues.

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One is peppermint oil, which may assist with occasional stomach upset & cramps, nausea, urgency, & bloating*  We make our premium blend of peppermint oil from the finest USA crop available anywhere!  It smells and tastes so good-goodbye bad breath too!

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Another is cinnamon.  

People have taken cinnamon for centuries to help promote healthy digestion.  Its spicy and fragrant biochemicals may assist with bloating after meals by helping your stomach empty faster.*

Then, there are the chef series.  

For these, we teamed with amazing chefs to bring out the awesome flavors of the botanicals with interesting other flavors...

How does ginger with fresh pear sound?


Or, how about cinnamon with a orchard apple?



Another way that the chef series are unique is that they are slightly less intense in flavor.  So, if the flavors of our standard tummydrops are a bit much, give these a try!

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