everyday digestive upsets

“These are the best! Anytime a coworker has a stomach ache, they come to me and ask for tummydrops. They always seem to help me feel better across a variety of circumstances.”

nausea related to cancer therapy

“My daughter bought these tummydrops for my husband when he was under treatment for cancer. It helped his taste buds and relief from his constant upset nausea. Great product!”


morning sickness

”My wife had severe nausea during and after pregnancy. The ginger tummydrops made her feel tip top every time. A very nice, natural way to remedy morning sickness, and nausea. They even worked for me when I had an upset stomach. Wasn't too gingery or overpowering. Amazing product!”


“I have Gastroparesis, in which I get nausea quite often and stomach aches. I really do recommend these, even times that it hasn't completely eliminated my nausea it has helped tremendously. Will stock up and buy more.”

I just want to thank you for your tummydrops. The peppermint is my favorite. I am a cancer patient and going through treatment. I use your tummydrops during treatment, so I don’t “taste” the saline solution the nurses use when they access my port. I also use the tummydrops after treatment for about a week because they are the only thing that seems to truly help. Plus I love the fact that they are safe! As a cancer patient, I am cautious of what I put into my body, and I do not worry when I eat tummydrops. I have also passed these along to other cancer patients/survivors. Thank you for making a wonderful, yummy, and safe product that those of us in treatment can use and works so well! Have a great day and a Happy New Year!

Motion Sickness

"I pretty much have motion/travel sickness with any movement, even if something moves quickly on my laptop I can get nauseous, elevators and 3-D movies do the same thing. So a friend told me about tummydrops, and I thought it wouldn't hurt at least to try them...AND THEY WORKED! I still can't believe how great they help my nausea from motion sickness; it's like a magic pill. Thank you tummydrops!"

Celiac Disease

"These little things are amazing!!! I've suffered from tummy issues most my life due to Celiac Disease. These work better than any medicine I have found. They've helped with nausea, cramping, reflux, etc. I don't feel like my life is on hold because of a crappy digestive system anymore. Have recommended to friends and will probably buy in bulk!!"

I use tummydrops when my stomach gets upset from motion sickness after playing
video games too long on the big screen. They actually work and taste great!
-From J, Video Gamer

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