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Here at the special tummydrops lab, we are constantly working on ways to make tummydrops better.

The lab consists of three divisions


1.  New Flavors

Ever wonder where the Chef Series tummydrops were dreamt up?  Have any ideas for new tummydrops flavors, please let us know and you never know what may happen!

2.  Clinical research

  • With a team of research nurses, Dr. James and Dr. Kim-James put new tummydrops through clinical trials before releasing them.  
  • We also test the existing tummydrops to see if they assist other complaints, such as ginger tummydrops and migraine headaches.

3.  Premium Ingredient Procurement

We are very aware that the food and supplement industry is constantly changing.  We work hard to ensure that every ingredient comes from only the best possible source.  For instance, when the scientific community suggested that some gingers had very large amounts of lead and arsenic, we worked carefully with our farmer to have each crop tested to ensure that there was no lead or arsenic in our special crop!

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