tummydrops are the NATURAL choice for upset tummies!®

Hello and nice to meet you 

My name is Dustin James, MD, and I am a doctor of Gastroenterology, a type of doctor that specializes in the digestive system.  

I feel blessed to meet so many wonderful people in my practice.  It was for my own patients that I invented tummydrops.

Many patients who suffered every day with digestive issues asked...

"Dr. James, what can I take to help that is natural?"  

I quickly realized that there were no good options.  

From this motivation, tummydrops were born.  I spent years researching the best natural options for tummy issues and conducted my own research to make sure I had an answer worthy of my patients

Tummydrops are my labor of love and i hope you enjoy & find benefit from them.  they are the only doctor-developed drug-free & non-sedating natural alternative to chemical OTC and prescription medicines for digestive upsets. 

when creating tummydrops, our goal was to make them as simple as possible.  Why?  many ingredients, like colorings, wouldn't make them better.

this goal meant scrutinizing each ingredient to make sure it had a purpose.  we determined that only 4 ingredients were needed.  with so few ingredients, we knew that each one had to be of the highest quality. 

after years of development, we finally met our goal.   tummydrops are pure & simple & the only one of its kind to be recognized by all of the major natural certifying agencies. 

it means a lot to us because  we know it means a lot to you!    

to happy tummies everywhere!

Dustin G. James, MD

Board-Certified Gastroenterologist and Internist

Inventor of tummydrops & Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Digestive Health

 tummydrops are

Completely natural, drug-free, & Non-sedating

great for the whole family & convenient

you want a natural approach to your upset tummy and don't know where to turn.  take the guesswork out with doctor developed tummydrops!

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