tummydrops-the NATURAL choice for upset tummies!®

What are tummydrops?

tummydrops piece

Tummydrops are individually wrapped lozenges made from premium natural ingredients to help with digestive upsets.


Think of them as a cough drop, but natural and for upset tummies!


Tummydrops are the most pure and tested way of getting all of the goodness from ginger concentrated into a convenient and great tasting form.

We start with a special pure and natural  process to extract only the good substances from ginger that have scientifically been shown to assist with nausea and inflammation of the intestines.  We then utilize a special patent pending process to further enrich the ginger.

We spent years developing this process and refined tummydrops through clinical trials.  They truly are a unique product and more certified than any other ginger product designed to assist with nausea.  They carry the GFCO gluten-free certification, the Non-GMO Project Non-GMO verification, natural, and kosher.

Soon in late 2018, we will be adding organic certification!

Many patients in my Gastroenterology office would ask,

"Dr. James, what can I take to help that is natural?"  

I quickly realized that there were no good options.  

From this motivation, tummydrops were born.  Each was developed by science and then hand crafted from only the most premium natural ingredients.  Try one and you’ll instantly see the best that Mother Nature has to offer an upset tummy!  

keep your tummy happy-naturally,

Dustin G. James, MD

Board-Certified Gastroenterologist and Internist

Inventor of tummydrops

Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Digestive Health

Tummydrops are the only doctor-developed drug-free & non-sedating natural alternative to chemical OTC and prescription medicines.

I designed tummydrops as a completely natural, gluten-free, and non-GMO way for my own patients to help soothe their tummy upsets.    

 tummydrops are...

  • Completely natural

  • drug-free

  • non-sedating

  • Gluten-free Certified by GFCO

  • Non-GMO project verified

  • kosher 

  • vegan

  • Doctor developed

  • Convenient

  • Great tasting

  • great for the whole family

  • the NATURAL choice for upset tummies!®